Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” Lyrics Meaning

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The central theme of the most successful Dan's "do it again" is that humans are often repeating the same mistakes, no matter how much they are convinced differently. The writer through each verses explores how men value certain elements or habits, although they can be quite destructive.

In the first verse, for example, the singer talks about violence, his uselessness and how the protagonist (a jack) seems to stop living in that cycle, although the consequences are serious.

What happens is this:

Someone steals Jack's water. Water is by the way, a product that can be found everywhere and, therefore, is not very precious. But despite the peptity of this crime, Jack chases irrationally after the robber of the water and hit him. Having done the nonsense and the magnitude of his crime, Jack tries to flee the country. However, he is trapped by the authorities on the border. They attract him before the court. He is supposed to be sentenced to death for taking someone's life. However, curiously the justice system somehow releases it. This is what comes to Dan of Steel on the line "Hangman is not Hangin" ".

Because of this, the shot is released later. He is literally "put" back "on the street". It is not exactly clear how Jack could avoid the penalty of capital for taking the life of a man. And not only that, he also freed himself despite killing someone. In this conjuncture, it is likely that he is steel, Dan could also subtly criticize the entire justice system. A man commits a small crime (the crime of stealing water that is abundant everywhere). However, he pays him with his life. But another man commits a horrible crime (murder crime). However, the killer is released.

Then, after all, it is said and done, Jack is lucky enough to leave free. However, he does not learn any lesson from this incident. Therefore, he goes and continues in the violent way of him.

The second verse song lyricsLinks to an external websitespeaks of a woman with whom this connector is involved and how she often trap with other men. At a given moment, Jack even catches her the deception of her with her close friend. The matter leads to the disappearance of her relationship with her. It also leads to the disappearance of her friendship with her friend. At the end of the day, Jack is completely disconsolate and devastated. But shortly after that, Jacks finds a new woman and tries to fill the gap with her. And even though Jack might be aware that this new woman is only using it and is only after her money, he still continues with the relationship. Based on the character of the woman, the narrator is very sure that she will abandon Jack at the end of the day and she will be on the "knees tomorrow" of her.

What this means is that Jack did not learn any lesson from the previous relationship of him. He moved from an "easy lover" to another. And he will continue doing the same thing over and over again, although he brings him misery.

Verse 3.
The third verse carries a similar pattern, but this time it takes care of the theme of money and jack addiction to the game. We see him trying to deny his addiction, he is already in the situation he was trying to avoid, seeking to do something more money.

"Jack, do it again"
Along the track, the composer seems sarcastically demanding the subject to continue chasing things that eventually corrupt it and make it feel sad in the long term.

Letters "do it again"
Facts about "Do it again"
Steely gives members the deceased Walter Becker (1950-2017) and Donald Fagen composed this melody. And the track was produced by someone with whom the band worked regularly, Gary Katz.

This track goes back to Steely Dan's first album, a project entitled "I can not buy an emotion," as liberated by ABC Records. In fact, it is the main single of the project, the second single of the full discography of the band and the song that marked its first blow. And its official launch date was November 1, 1972.

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