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Are you interested in buying rare books? Then it is important to follow an appropriate guide on that. This will help you to refrain from making any mistakes at the time of purchasing the expensive rare books. On the other hand, the background knowledge and understanding you have about the process will be able to assist you with getting maximum returns out of money you spend.

Here are some of the useful tips that you can keep in your mind at the time of buying rare books. Make sure that you pay extra attention to all these factors and you can end up with getting the most amazing returns.

Understand book jargons

At the time of purchasing rare books, you will need to have a clear understanding about book jargons. That’s because we see how numerous jargons are being used with rare book collecting. If you can be aware about those jargons, you can get a helping hand to proceed with collecting rare books and receive the best experience offered out of it.

Antiquarian books are not the same as rare books. Antiquarian books are the books that were published before 19th Century. You will be able to find lots of books that belong to 18th century, which are not called as rare books. Due to the same reason, you will need to understand that all the antiquarian books you can find out there are not rare books.

If there is a high demand for the book, there is a high possibility for it to become a rare book. In fact, demand is one of the key factors that determine price tag associated with the book. Since you are spending a considerable amount of money to purchase rare books, you will need to keep this in mind.

We often see how the rare book collectors tend to make misunderstandings with the term called “First Edition”. It is possible for a first edition of the book to be expensive and rare. However, the first edition means that the book has appeared in a print or any other form for the very first time. There are numerous variations in the first edition books. Some of these variations are not expensive. Hence, you should keep the facts in your mind and spend your money accordingly to purchase first edition books.

Figure out what books you should collect

Most of the rare book collections are created based upon serendipity of you are the owner of the book. However, you will keep on coming across new books and you will tend to collect them. This will make you end up with filling up the bookshelf. However, you will still need to be aware of some important factors and understand what exactly you should be collecting. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Fine editions is something that you should be mindful about at the time of collecting old and rare books. These are the leather bound books. These books come along with illustrations. In most of the instances, books that belong to fine editions were offered to people in the form of sets. You will be able to take a look at them and proceed with getting your own collection as well.

Likewise, you will come across books that are called as 19th Century bindings. These books are bound with the help of heavy boards. Cardboard is being used for the binding process in most of the instances. You can also find how some of the book owners have gone ahead with custom rebounds based on their preferences.

You should pay a lot of attention towards the specific author at the time of purchasing a rare book. If the author is a well-known and successful one, you will be able to find a high possibility behind the success of the book. For example, the First Edition of Harry Potter book has a value of around $90,000 because J.K. Rowling is the author.

If the book has signature of the original author, it is even more valuable. You can develop a personal relationship with the author of a book via signature. That’s why those books are associated with a high value when compared to others.

By keeping these facts in mind, you can proceed with collecting rare books.


Take good care of the books that you collect

As a rare book collector, you should learn how to take proper care of all the books that you welcome to your collection as well. Otherwise, you will fail to get the maximum out of investment you do.

Some of the books that you purchase as a book collector would need help. This is where you should think about seeking the assistance of a book conservator. The book conservator you contact will be able to deliver assistance to you with restoring the books, so that you can get support with preserving them. You should never attempt to make any repairs in your books at house. For example, you might feel that staples, glue and tape can help you with getting the repairs done on your own. If you attempt to do it, you will end up with running them. Hence, you shouldn’t allow it to happen.

You should also look for an appropriate location around your home to store the books. The location you select should be with low humidity. On the other hand, you need to make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Proper air circulation should be available for the books as well. Then you can refrain from the prevention of mold in the books. If the books are exposed to moisture, there is a high possibility for them to rot. That’s why you should try your best to refrain from moisture.

Final words

Keep these facts in mind and you will learn how to get the most out of being a book collector.

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